About Us

    my art tools is an artist owned company, an expansion from a 10-year-plus Art Studio run by Practising Artists, aspiring to bring the joy of Art Making to all Walks of Life. We are very much driven by a passion for artistic expression, created with our line of affordable and quality Art Materials and Papers.

    We believe the inherent artistic talent in all of us can be cultivated and awakens with the right tools and a simple to understand teaching methodology. The path to our first creative expression often begins with a single work of art that instil a sense of curiosity and urge us to further explore. Art Exploration journey continues when we desire to search for possibilities and yearns to create.Please to not let the lack of resources such as funds and time, obligations, interruptions often deters us on the road path towards creativity.

    Combining years of experience in practising and teaching Art, we slowly cultivate the sensitivity towards finding the right tools and papers so we can achieve the right texture, blend or shading and document these ideas as we move forward in our journey to discover, create, and provide the best and most affordable artist's materials to the world full of creative minds.

    Developed from the concept of capturing creativity while on the go. my art tools TO GO art supplies focuses on the essential need of addressing creativity while travelling. We bring together a collection of art tools that makes the creation process fuss-free and inspirational.

    Our sincere interest in intelligent and sustainable design extends to every aspect of our products. Just as meticulous research is integral to the formulation of each product, our utilitarian sketch case and sketchbook are carefully considered to ensure they function with ease and bring delight to our eyes. We believe that well-considered design, quality, affordable tools and papers improves our lives,

    It is important to love My Art Tools sketching tools and art papers, while you explore the expressive self within. We are so convinced of this, that all of our products come with a full 100 days refund warranty.


Landscape Sketchbook