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Sketch Set

Everything you need to integrate an artistic practice into your life

Compact, affordable and durable drawing set for the inquisitive mind


Drawing from a different Perspective

Experience a unique landscape sketchpad size 13”x 5.5”

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What our customers say

I bought this as a gift for my sister who finds making artwork so soothing. Her hectic work schedule with long hours doesn’t give her much time for herself, which is why I LOVE the idea of her having this so readily available. This stows away easily at your desk, briefcase, oversized handbag or car. When you have time to unwind you can easily have this mobile studio at your fingertips.

The sleek black faux leather case zips all the way around and securely stores all your sketching necessities: high quality perforated sketching pad, 6 varying pencils, 2 charcoal sticks (medium and soft), stainless steel sharpener and eraser.

Each tool has it’s own specific elastic holder along with a small mesh pocket and pocket that secures the sketching pad in place. I’m extremely pleased with the quality, feel and overall look of this set. I would highly recommend it to others


My sister is an amazing artist and she has been teaching my children different methods of drawing as well as the various tools used in drawing. I purchased this set for my children to use in their lessons.

This is a nice ten-piece set that comes in a leather case. The case is zippered in the middle and holds each of the artist items securely in their respectful spots. The set includes a small sketchpad that has the thick paper that is a very nice quality and perfect for using in the drawing class. It also includes three different graphite pencils that come in three different grades of hardness. There are three charcoal pencils as well that come in soft, medium and hard grades There is also a soft and medium charcoal stick along with an eraser.

The set is lightweight and easy to take with you anywhere. It includes the basics that are needed to draw. It does not have a lot of extras, but they are not needed. It is perfect for a beginner as well as a more advanced artist. It would make a nice gift for someone who enjoys drawing. I am really happy with the quality, design, look, and the way the materials function. It is truly a great set to buy.

Alice Ceballos

This is a nifty little art set!
I actually love the utensils and case, and I love the size of the case, as it fits neatly into my shoulder bag, and I can doodle or sketch anywhere, and I don’t have pencils leaving charcoal marks at the bottom of my bag!
The only downfall to the whole kit is that I wish they had a better quality paper in the drawing pad.
This paper is a good thick paper but has a sheen to it, and my preference is a matte paper for drawing with lead.
That being said, that boils down to personal preference, and overall, I do really like this kit! I love the drawing lead blocks, they as so fun to play with darks and lights. And the paper itself lends to being able to smudge and blend, so that’s a plus!
It’s been nice not having to carry around a large tablet, and a ziplock bag full of pencils and I can’t wait to complete some of my sketches! One of my favourite hobbies is doing grave rubbings, as I live in an older suburban area, and some of the stones are over 200 years old.
The shading blocks are wonderful for that, and I’ve even gotten my daughter ( who is lacking artistic ability) doing leaf rubbings! ( she feels like a professional! Lol)
Overall, it’s a great art set, with some pretty cool features, and I love that it’s perfect for travelling! It’s compact, and still, holds all the things a budding artist would want on the go.
It’s versatile, and the lead lends itself so well to smudging, which happens to be my favourite part!

Julie Probst

I gave this to my fiance to use on our trip. It is perfect for that. He is thrilled with it. The quality of the sketchbook and the pencils are as described. Excellent. I think it’s a great value for the price.


I’ve been looking for something compact to hold all of my drawing materials together when hiking. Not only does this set come with quality materials but I was able to fit an extra pad and a package of six sketching pens in the case. This kit will easily fit in any average sized backpack. When closed, the dimensions are 7.25″X10″ X2″ thick. Not much larger than an average hardcover book. I look forward to travelling around with this nifty little kit.

Concerned Reader

Love this book. The hard cover is great and it has a nice, large spiral. I am using it for art journaling with a different perspective. The pages are pretty good in weight and with a little gesso…works. I am not using it for 3-d pieces, but it works great for flatter pages. In fact, my hubs wants one for drawing landscapes. It certainly creates something of a different view in use.


Love this sketchbook! The size is perfect and the pages are of great quality. The covers are very durable. Will be purchasing again in the future when I fill it up


I have been playing with Zentangle for a couple of years but also love to “doodle” when I get home and am always on the hunt for great paper and pens. I ordered this because I loved the idea of trying paper with a new size and shape. That being said, I didn’t expect anything special, but the paper quality is wonderful and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a drawing pad. I will be buying again!

Kindle Customer

Really like the format
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Great landscape sketch pad. Thick paper too.


I bought this for a Christmas gift and the recipient was thrilled!!

Kristin D Hill

Fantastic Paper!

B. L. Hilgert

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